PEMF TestimonialsPEMF Therapy for Knee Pain

"Thank you so much for helping to relieve the pain I've been experiencing daily for 10 years from my neck to my feet. The Magnetic Pulse Therapy you recommended I try has done wonders for my body and my overall well being.

I was referred to you by my primary care physician in the summer of 2012. I was suffering from Fibromyalgia and Rheumatoid Arthritis. I had tried numerous medications and many doctors, and the pain was still there all the time. That's when I decided to give this Magnetic Pulse Therapy a try. Within 3 visits of seeing you for this therapy, I was 90% pain free. By the end of the first month, I was totally pain free and the Fibromyalgia and Rheumatoid Arthritis were under control. I feel so much better and I have more energy than I've had in 10 years. I can't thank you enough for all you've done for me in helping to give me back my quality of life. It has totally changed my life for the better.

I would highly recommend your Magnetic Pulse Therapy to anyone who has pain problems. Sincerely yours, Jan K.

"After fracturing my left foot and being left with floating bones in it, I could not feel the foot or move the toes for 15 years. I had to wear wide shoes due to the inflammation. I had Neuroma surgery on the foot that only made the pain and inflammation worse. Dr. LaMey treated my foot for only 6 minutes with the PEMF machine and to my astonishment the foot numbess was gone and I could now move the toes! I couldn't be more happy with my decision to try it. I have since referred at least five friends and family members who have also experienced great results with the PEMF." ~Vickie N.

"I suffered a hyperextended knee due to a slip and fall in 2011. An MRI of the knee revealed multiple torn ligaments and orthopedic doctors recommended steroid shots or surgery. I decided to try Dr. LaMey's new PEMF magnetic therapy machine first. To my amazement the PEMF treatment significantly reduced the pain and inflammation in my knee and increased the range of motion so I can now continue with my normal activites. I'm happy that I have been able to avoid the shots and surgery. I would recommend the PEMF therapy to anyone." ~Karin F.

PEMF Therapy for Sciatica

"As a teenager I had suffered many falls water skiiing starting my battle with low back pain followed by a terrible fall on my tailbone while rollerblading at the age of 29. So, for over 20 years I have struggled trying to find a solution to my sciatic pain that shoots down my leg making my career as a salon owner/hairdresser extremely challenging at times. There is no comparison to any other treatments I have tried (drugs, massage, stretching rituals, etc) that can compete with PEMF. I am in shock at how long my sciatic pain will feel obsolete after being treated by this method. So much so, that I tell many of my hair clients about it so they can find pain relief for the many ailments they have. It has also been very helpful with my 9 year old athletic son who suffers from foot pain due to over activity and lack of an arch. Thank you PEMF and Dr.LaMey." ~Heather M. L.


"My name is Lee Ramage. I am a former professional motocross racer. There aren't too many sports that beat up and damage an athlete as badly as motocross racing. I am no exception. Five years ago I came up short on a double jump. I landed so hard that the foot pegs broke off my motorcycle. The impact forced my femur to crush the lower half of my knee called the tibia plateau, fracturing it in multiple places. The doctor that performed the surgery considered amputating my leg just below the knee. Thankfully he was able to save my leg with a superb reconstruction. Since the surgery I have been in pain on a daily basis, some days worse than others. I don't complain because I can walk without the assistance of a prosthesis. The injury did keep me from running or jumping so much of my life since has been limited. I was introduced to thePEMF-100 on December 6, 2008. As the science of the device was explained to me, and how I could become pain free from the therapy, I couldn't help but be skeptical. After all, an orthopedic surgeon couldn't make me pain free, how could this machine. I had nothing to lose so I tried it.

After the first 12-minute session, I was in fact pain free! For the first time in 5 years I could run, sprint and jump without limitation. After approximately 2 hours I began to feel pain again; however it was still at least 50% better. The next day I received another 12-minute session. I became pain free immediately and this time it has been permanent. As I write this testimony it is 4 days later and still no pain. I have visited two therapists in the last couple days that know me and of my injury. Both saw me do one-legged squats on my injured leg and were amazed. Obviously, both want the PEMF-100 machine now. I highly recommend anyone with any type of ailment to seek out this machine."- Lee Ramage, former Professional Motocross Racer


"You might want to know….I had a very close call with death last week- which is amazing because I feel so normal and fine today. I had a vein burst and almost bled out. 2 ½ days in a ICU where I had 9 pints of blood and a quick stomach surgery procedure. Now I am just fine and I am grateful." - Dr. Sue.

Blood Clot

"What I want you to know is that part of the ICU procedure was to get me off the blood thinner medicine I was taking for the blood clot. I was leaking blood at an awesome rate-all worsened by the blood thinner. When they looked for the blood clot - It Was Gone. I remembered the three procedures you did with the "machine" on my blood clot leg, and think that must have been the major contributor and reason the clot was gone. I am off that blood thinner and back to eating leafy foods I love. I just want to Thank You again for your part in my recovery-It Is Amazing." With regards, Lee.

MS/Nerve Damage

"I was diagnosed with MS in April of 2008 and a year after being diagnosed my feet started going numb. I was told by my Neurologist I had nerve damage and basically there was nothing they could do. After being in a car accident in February of 2010 I started coming to Dr. A. to help with my injuries. It was then they started the Pulsed Magnetic Exercise on my back and within a week I could feel the top of my feet again. I am so excited with the outcome."-Mrs. Patch.

Lumbar Radiculopathy

"I was a registered trauma nurse for 10 years. Twelve years ago I was diagnosed with Lumbar Radiculopithy and I haven't worked since. I've been to too many doctors to count with no relief. I've been taking 75mg of OxyContin which barley gives me any relief. I'm depressed and tired of feeling the way I do. After just one fifteen minute treatment I was amazed to find relief for eight wonderful hours. I can't help to cry but you don't understand what it's like to have given up on hope, to have given up on the very doctor's you trust and have worked with for so many years and then to find something like this. It's like a gift from the angels!" - Lisa M., Melissa TX

Foot Numbness

I was diagnosed with MS in April of 2008 and a year after being diagnosed my feet started going numb. I was told by my Neurologist I had nerve damage and basically there was nothing they could do. After being in a car accident in February of 2010 I started coming to Dr. Unruh's office to help my injuries. They started Pulsed Magnetic Therapy treatments on my back and within a week I can feel the top of my feet again. I am so excited with the outcome - M. Patch, South Dakota.

Calf Pain

"I've had pain on my left calf for 15 months. I've seen three doctors with no relief. After six minutes my calf pain was gone. Wow this really works!" - Doug N., St. Petersburg, FL

Shoulder pain/Range of Motion

I was introduced to the PEMF-100 after suffering a dislocated shoulder during a snowboarding accident. Skeptical as I am, I was not sure what to expect. After only my first treatment, I noticed incredible results with my pain level as well as my range of motion. I was so impressed with this… I introduced it to my wife who used it on her jaw with great results. Since then, we have not only used it on ourselves, our friends and family members have tried it on some of our horses with amazing results. During the 2007 PBR season, my good friend Justin McBride suffered a devastating injury to his should and was told his season was over. I brought the machine to him to try and within a month, he was back riding his way to another PBR Championship." - Sid Steiner, 2002 National Finals Rodeo PRCA World Champion Steer Wrestler

Hip Replacement

"Seven years ago I was treated for cancer on me left hip. The aggressive treatment saved my life but destroyed my hip. I've now had three hip replacements in the last five years and live with constant pain and very limited range of motion. After 20 minutes I feel like I have both my legs supporting me and no pain. See here, I can stand on just my left leg. Something I haven't been able to do in more than seven years!" - Rodney V., Tyler, TX

Neck & Back Pain

"My neck and back have hurt for so long I was willing to try anything. The pain was an 8-9 on a scale of 1-10. I can't believe it in six minutes my back pain was reduced to a 1-2." - Luciana G., Boca Raton, FL

Lower Back Pain

"I've had this lower back pain for five years; it was gone after nine minutes. This is truly amazing!" - Dr. Robert S., Asbury Park, NJ

Chronic Back Pain

"For the past 15 years not a day passed without me obsessing over my back pain. I can't tell you how many days I've missed work to stay home in bed. I've been laid up the past three days just this week. After my 20 minute treatment I felt so good that I went and played a round of golf!" - John J., Austin, TX

Shoulder Pain

"I injured my shoulder when I fell off a ladder 10 years ago, and it has been really stiff and sore since. After using the PEMF-100 the first time, my shoulder loosened up more than it had since my injury, more than the numerous treatments of all kinds I had received over the years. As an added surprise my arm untwisted' that night, and my elbow, which had been popping for years, stopped." - G. Berrett

Infant Hip Trauma

"I wanted to let you know how happy we are to have been introduced to the PEMF-100! Our baby was injured during a visit to a Doctor. Indie needed blood work performed and the Dr. poked her foot to draw the blood, but none would come out. He persisted on squeezing and pulling her leg until it was purple and everyone in the room was crying from the horrible screaming from her. The weeks following, she would not move her left leg or hip. I hoped as she grew it would heal. Indie started to crawl a few weeks ago, and it just broke my heart...she would drag the left leg and literally be grunting and panting from trying to get around. She had a total of three sessions (over a week's time) with the PEMF-100 near her hips and leg. She has completely reformed her crawl to normal and gets around quite effortlessly. You can now see the hip joint moving and functioning the way it should, when before it looked "frozen" when she tried to get around. We are so thankful! God Bless" - Natalie T. and Family, Palm Beach, FL

Pain/Range of Motion

"I was first introduced to the PEMF-100 by a good friend. Being a competitive athlete, I thought let's give it a try. After my first time, I was really impressed with how loose and pain free it made me feel. I immediately told my coaches about it and set a time for it to be introduced to the coaches and fellow athletes. Everyone was impressed and it has become a regular therapeutic modality. I would recommend the PEMF-100 to all athletes and anyone who suffers from pain and range of motion problems."- Brendan Hansen, U.S. Olympic Swimming Gold Medalist

Leg, Foot and Back Pain

"A friend lent me a unit he purchased from you so I could see if it would reduce my mom's pain in her back, left leg & foot. She was just diagnosed with severe lumbar scoliosis & severe stenosis on Tuesday. Doctors who've seen the MRI don't know how she's functioned at all... they're talking about neurosurgery to stabilize the spine. My dad just died 4 weeks ago & right now I'm saying "no" to the surgery - she's just too vulnerable at 84yrs old and so soon after losing my dad. It's been a real roller coaster. Last 4 weeks she's been unable to walk or stand -in constant pain - pain killers, anti-inflam's, heat nothing working. Did one 5 minute treatment yesterday - she got up walked around a bit then noticed she could actually lift her leg/foot up off the ground (she'd been dragging them). I called her last night, the back pain was still there but tolerable & there still wasn't any pain jetting up her leg from her foot when she walked. I'm very interested in purchasing one for her if this continues." - Maria, Los Angeles, CA

Bells Palsy

"I ended up with Bells Palsy and hated the way my face sagged and when I smiled you couldn't see it. I was introduced to the PEMF-100 and I told Gillian the salon owner that if it could fix my face I would owe them 50,000 dollars. Well that night I was able to go home and smile at my family for the first time in a long time. I continue to use the PEMF-100 and it is amazing how it makes me feel along with the fact that my Bells Palsy is almost gone. I don't owe them 50,000 dollars!! This is priceless!!" - Annie Chronic

Leg and Hip Pain

"I would like to express my deepest gratitude for the inventor, manufacturer of the PEMF-100 device. I have suffered chronic pain in my right leg and hip after a severe boating injury in 1996. I was hit by the propeller 9 times. I have used every type of therapy I could find available for this pain in the past 12 years and received varying degrees of relief. I would always however have a return to a chronic pain level from 7 to 9 on the pain scale and be incapacitated for days at a time. After just 5 or 6 three minute sessions with the PEMF-100 I've had a decrease of pain to about a 3 level and this has been sustained now for over 2 months! This is phenomenal relief not to mention an increase in overall motion and an ability to place more stress on the leg and hip without a return to the old pain level. I would recommend this technology to anyone with chronic pain! Sincerely Grateful", - Bart K.


"I had a bone density test done shortly after I purchased my PEMF 100. The results showed that I was at HIGH risk for bone fractures. My spine is osteoporosis and my hips are osteopenia which is the stage before osteoporosis. Five months later I had another bone density test. The results were amazing… 5 months… pharmaceutical drugs and doing nothing different than applying PEMF Therapy every other day…..I increased my bone density mass 20% in my spine and 4% in my hips! I LOVE my PEMF 100!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" -Michelle, Indiana.

Chronic Shoulder Pain with Limited Range of Motion

I have been suffering from shoulder pain, with very limited range of motion. I am a golfer and have not played for 2 years because my shoulder hurt so bad. Nor have I been able to lift weights and workout like I use to. Why is it we think we have to live with pain, we treat it like it is an everyday part of life. Well I have to tell you, I tried this PEMF machine to see if I could get just a little relief. Man am I amazed, 4 treatments and I feel 100% better. I am back to playing golf with a HUGE increase in my flexibility and a tremendous improvement in my game. I am back in the weight room and I must tell you this PEMF machine has turned my life around. If you suffer from pain, stiffness, limited range of motion, swelling, whatever it is, this is one machine that delivers results. Thank you so much!" - Jim M. Nebraska

Hand & Knuckle Pain

"My experience with the PEMF-100 treatment was twofold: I had a fractured knuckle on my left ring finger. I couldn't close my fist tight nor extend my hand openly without quite a bit of pain. A nine-minute session on the PEMF-100 resulted in a full range of motion-to this day-and no residual pain! Second was I what I experienced after a full body treatment-a flood of what I can only express as euphoria and a wonderful sensation of hope and good feelings." - A. Wildberger

"I just had to say thank you so much for adding the PEMF-100 to your office. I am a master carpenter and rely on my arms for a living. I got Bursitis in my shoulder and was told that I was facing surgery. I heard about the PEMF-100 and decided to try it. That was the best decision I have made in a long time. I am no longer looking at surgery and I love how the PEMF-100 is working for me. I will tell all my friends to come and check it out. Pain is no fun to live with and I am very grateful." Thanks, Luke

Chronic Pain

"I was in a plane accident and lost the use of my legs. My friend built me parallel bars in my shop and I taught myself to walk even though I could not feel my legs. I have been able to get around using wrap around arm crutches but they have caused severe pain in my upper back and shoulders sometimes to the point of not being able to get out of bed. I was introduced to the PEMF-100 and within 4 sessions I am now pain free. This is the first time in 6 years. I have taken many pain pills but nothing has worked like the PEMF-100. I have been using it on my legs too and though there is severe nerve damage there I am feeling sensations now and I have hope for the first time in a long time. I will be forever grateful for finding this technology. - Jim

Range of Motion

"Since High School I have suffered from very tight hamstrings. My range of motion has been very limited and my ability to run has been very limited. My legs were so tight that I could not stride out to run. A couple years ago I started to notice that my heels hurt me all the time, especially when I run. No one has been able to help me with my flexibility so I just figured I would have to deal with it. I was introduced to the PEMF machine back in February 2008 and when I first tried it, it was placed on my groin. Immediately the PEMF-100 indicated that I had something there that was causing me a lot of pain, possibly a pinched nerve. After one treatment I noticed that the pain went away and I immediately felt a difference in my legs, as I bent over I felt ease in my legs. I continued the treatments on my hamstrings for a couple more days and my legs really started to loosen up. Since my heels were also hurting me I was getting my heels treated and after about 5 treatments the heel pain was gone. I have never been a runner because my legs were so tight and my heels hurt so bad, now I am happy to report that my legs feel great, my hamstrings are not tight, my heels no longer hurt and I am running 2-5 miles a day. In the fall of 2007, I started college Baseball and finished second to last in our distance running, and did not do well in conditioning drills. However, I am happy to report that my whole body is stronger and this fall, 2008, I finished 10th in distance running and I am running with ease. This machine is something that EVERY Athlete needs to use. The agility, endurance, increase of strength, flexibility and overall benefits are HUGE. Don't delay another day, get treatments, you will be amazed." - Mike M., College Baseball Player.

Chronic Knee Pain

"For nine years, I have not been able to move my left leg into a cross legged position. I thought that at age 50, I would just have to live with it. A few sessions on the PEMF-100 and I can sit comfortably this way and when I push down on my left knee it doesn't hurt a bit. I will be more careful of what I am willing to adapt to." - R. Mize

Tinnitus and Ringing in the Ear

"I can't believe the results that I have had with the PEMF-100!! My tinnitus has gone from a 10 to a 4 in one session. I have lived with ringing in my ears since I was 12 and at 54 I just thought that it was something I was going to have to live with for life. Every time I use the PEMF-100 it gets better so I do expect it to just go away. I got an extra bonus too. Just by holding the coil to work on my ears my hands are now almost "shake" free. I was shaking pretty bad when I started using the PEMF-100 and now they are pretty steady!!"- Thanks, Robert

Stage Two Quadriceps Strain

"On August 13, 2008, I was playing in my Church league championship softball game and as I began to accelerate to round 1st base I heard a loud pop coming from my left quadriceps, so loud that the 1st baseman heard it too, and as I placed my left foot down I collapsed to the ground in sheer agony. I kept still and was non-responsive to everybody gathering around me while I gathered my composure and internally screamed. I was assisted up by fellow players and carried to the dugout because I was unable to walk on my own. I was in indescribable pain and could not even put my foot down to walk, let alone stand. At the end of the game I needed someone to drive me home because I could not walk to the car and drive myself. When I got home around 8:30 PM the first thing I did was apply the PEMF-100 to the area on my quadriceps where I felt the most pain. After just fifteen minutes I felt immediate relief (on a scale of 1-10 and 10 being the most pain; I was at a 10+ and after the treatment a level two). The most amazing of all; I was able to walk on my own but with some slight discomfort. My two friends who brought me home were dumbfounded; they even suggested that I faked my injury's extent only to fool them with what the PEMF-100 can do. After they both tried it for themselves and found some level of relief on both their shoulder and back they understood the capability of this type of therapy. Since I still had some restrictive motion by not being able to lift my knee high enough to walk upstairs to my bedroom, and I'm too large for my wife to carry me, I slept on the couch that night. I woke up at around 4 AM in pain (at a level eight) so I quickly applied the PEMF-100 and again, after just six minutes this time (because I was tired and wanted to go back to sleep) I felt instant relief (level one). When I awoke at 7:30 and still was relatively pain free (level two) and able to walk around I began my online search to do my on diagnose of the injury. Upon reading info on several websites about Leg muscle strains that state "You must see a doctor when you hear a pop!" I called an Orthopedic Sports Surgeon and made an appointment to see him that afternoon. I used the PEMF-100 just one more time for 15 minutes before I went to my appointment. After the doctor examined me he believed that I may have had a Grade II muscle strain and that it may take me 6-10 weeks to fully recover. From his comments I could tell he too was impressed with how my injury looked (no edema or black and blue bruises) but he wanted to schedule an MRI just to be sure it was not anything more serious. The only time I could schedule it was a week later on August 22. The week passed and I had used the PEMF-100 every day for 15 minutes and each day I witnessed more improvement. I questioned having to bear the expense of an MRI so I called the doctor to see if he would see me before I kept the appointment. When I saw him an hour before my scheduled MRI he acknowledged that he too saw major improvement and agreed that I did not need the MRI. He acted so impressed with my speedy recovery, so much so that he requested if I can provide him with more information on the PEMF-100 therapy." - Robert T. Austin, TX